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Why Faster Way to Fat Loss

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Social media can be a rabbit hole for comparison, but it can also be an inspiring place if that's what you make of it. A few months ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Liz Adams, posted about her experience with the Faster Way to Fat Loss program. I was awe of her results and rather than feeling jealous, I chose to feel motivated. Also a busy mom of two young kids, I knew if Liz could find the time to make her health a priority, then I could too. I wasn't feeling my best (like most people after the winter) and it had been months (several) since I had seen the inside of a gym. I was seriously considering the program when Kelly Meinke, a certified Faster Way coach, asked me to try it and share my results if I liked it. I said yes and haven't looked back since...well only for my before pictures!

There are essentially three pillars to the program: Intermittent fasting, counting macros and carb cycling. There is also a fitness component that you can choose to incorporate, which I did. What's nice about the program is that you don't need to know what any of this means to be successful. The 6 week program is preceded by a prep week where Kelly walks you through all of the elements in detail.

Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting is when you eat for 8 hours a day and fast for 16. This was easy for me because I have been dong this for the past year or so and I am not a huge breakfast person. You are allowed to have 50 calories during the fast period so I would typically start my day with an iced coffee and cream.

Counting Macros: What's a macro you may ask? This is the area I knew nothing about. Macros are your fats, proteins and carbohydrates. At the beginning of the program, based on your measurements and goals, you work with Kelly to set what your ideal daily macros should be. For the duration of the program, you use the My Fitness Pal app to very easily track these, and hit them!

Carb Cycling: Carb cycling is basically when you mix low carbohydrate days in with regular carbohydrate days. Despite loving carbs, this part of the program was really appealing to me. I have tried low carb diets in the past and have been happy with the short term results only to fail a few days, after feeling lethargic and straight up hungry. On this program, you will eat low carb twice a week (Mon/Tues) and resume normal carb levels by Wednesday. It is totally doable and even feels good to cut back early in the week after an indulgent weekend!

Fitness: The program gives you access to a fitness portal with very detailed daily workouts geared toward your level and setting (home/gym). While some people choose to omit the fitness component, it was perhaps my favorite. Endorphins are real and it feels so great to feel strong again.

The beauty of the Faster Way program is that it is all about progress, not perfection. My family and I actually went on vacation smack in the middle of the 6 weeks and I barely gave it a thought while we were away. The nice thing is, a number of the lessons I had already learned were ingrained in me. I fasted while we were away, chose more well balanced meals but most importantly, I didn't deprive myself of anything that I wanted (hello, Guinness, whiskey & Irish cream cupcakes) .

My 6 week program just came to a close and I am thrilled to report I am down 8 inches, 3 lbs and have increased energy levels. More important I feel better physically and emotionally and you truly can't put a price on that.

Kelly's next session kicks off on September 16. Remember that the timing doesn't have to be perfect, it rarely ever is. Now is always a good time to put your health and happiness first. You can sign up here.

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