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Toddler Travel Essentials

We just got back from a quick visit with family in Texas. This was a test run for our first solo family of 4 vacation in May and overall I felt really good with how things went. Fingers crossed our next adventure runs just as smoothly.

There is no doubt that airport check-ins, security lines and plane rides with kids can be an absolute nightmare. These are the things that saved us during this leg of our trip:

  • BabyZen YOYO stroller - we were gifted this stroller as a hand-me-down. It is definitely an investment piece but I totally understand why I see them everywhere. This thing is awesome! It is super light and actually folds down small enough to fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane. I was able to carry it on my shoulder (it has a strap) onto the plane and actually unfold it and wheel Mac off of the plane once we landed. I was hesitant to wheel him on since I was afraid someone would tell me it wasn't allowed.

  • LAND diaper bag - I won this backpack via an Instagram giveaway that a fellow mom hosted and I really loved using this for our travels. The structured top pops open into a rectangle making the entire bag easy to navigate and the multiple pockets and large capacity allow you to stay organized.

  • Amazon Fire Kids Tablet - this thing is indestructable and you have the ability to download games and videos prior to a flight so you can operate it in the absence of wi-fi. We still haven't mastered headphone wearing for toddlers, but we realized if you play the volume very low no one can really even notice. My favorite game Madeleine loves to play are the puzzles. She is actually really good at them and it keeps her occupied for...minutes!

  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow! These books are great for both Madeleine and Maclan. Mac is at the age where he is still eating crayons so I really can't bring these as an option. My other favorite things to bring for entertainment are sticker books and actually painters tape! It sounds silly but it occupies busy little hands for a good chunk of time. I forgot to pack it for this trip and was regretting it.

Once we arrived at our destination these products ensured everyone would sleep comfortably:

  • SlumberPod - this thing was an absolute game changer for naps and bedtime for Maclan. It is essentially a pop-up tent with blackout breathable fabric. There is no bottom so you can slip it over a standard size pack and play or crib. It also folds down to fit into your carryon luggage. This is definitely my favorite baby product I have bought in a long time.

  • Lollipop Camera - this is the baby camera we use at home and since it runs on wi-fi it is easy to travel with as there is only one piece aside from the plug. My favorite part is the bendable arm which allows you to really hang it anywhere there is something to wrap it around. The SlumberPod actually has a pocket for a camera so we just hung it on the side of the tent.

  • Homedics MyBaby Soundspa - this is our sound machine we use at home. It is super light and can run on batteries if need be. I like that it we can play the same "rain" music that we use at home so it makes for familiar surroundings.

  • AeroBed for Kids - Madeleine had her first real sleepover with her cousin during our stay and slept on an air mattress similar to this one. We have the adult size AeroBed at home for guests and it is so easy to use as it comes with its own automatic pump. I like that the kid version has bumper sides to keep them from rolling off the bed all the way to the floor 6 inches below!

Happy travels!

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