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My Favorite Little Black...Brass Pants

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

When I find an article of clothing I like, I tend to base every non-yoga pant (mom uniform) outfit around that piece. The Brass Modern Trousers that I bought in August have been that item for me lately. They are the perfect pair of black pants that I have been able to style accordingly for anything from work to date night. I had previously purchased their Ponte Pants, which they so accurately describe as "work-approved elevated leggings," so I had no doubt I would love these too.

What I love most about these pants, and Brass in general, though, are the masterminds behind the Providence College roommate, Katie, and her friend Jay. Since they started Brass nearly 4 years ago, they have sought to help women solve their common wardrobe issues which you can read about here. Thanks to their help, I have become a more thoughtful shopper and embrace the idea of a capsule wardrobe.

I am seriously SO proud of what they have started and very excited that they were kind enough to offer this amazing deal Today (10/19) through Tuesday (10/23):

Promo Code: JenniferH30

Every new-to-Brass person who purchases using this code will receive $30 off their order of $75 or more. As if you needed another reason to snag something new, they are currently running free shipping on the site, so it's definitely a great time to check them out!

Photo credit: Christopher Schuch (

Photo credit: Christopher Schuch (

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