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Keepsake Baby Gift Guide

I am sharing some of my favorite gifts for new babies. These are items that the child (or parent) can hold on to for many years and will serve as keepsakes. One of my favorite gifts that we received for both kids is the monthly picture frame. It has been so fun to take the monthly photos, fill the frame, and look back on how little my babies were! While the outfits won't necessarily stay on display in a baby's room, there is nothing sweeter than a pale pink or pale blue footie. These pieces can be used as take me home outfits, worn in first photos, and packed away to be shared with siblings, or even the baby's future children! I hope you enjoy my picks!

  1. Sterling Brush Comb Set

  2. Baby Name Block

  3. Pottery Barn First Year Frame

  4. Baby's First Christmas Ornament

  5. Baby Boy Kissy Kissy Knit Footie & Baby Girl Kissy Kissy Cardigan Set

  6. Mother & Daughter Bracelet Set

  7. Bunnies by the Bay Stuffed Bunny

  8. Personalized Wooden Puzzle Stool

  9. Modern Stripe Personalized Blanket

  10. On the Night You Were Born - Personalized Book

  11. Wooden Name Train

  12. The Story of You Baby Book

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