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Halloween Theme Costume Favorites

I have always loved a good costume theme. Two weeks after meeting Sam in October 2009, I made him dress up as a ship captain to match my sailor outfit. I'll save those pictures for another day. It is no surprise that when Madeleine (the 6th cousin on my side of the family) was born, I was eager to have her participate in group costumes.

My second cousin, Kelly, is another person who loves a good theme! She always has the most original costumes for her two adorable girls. Her creativity is truly impressive. I look forward to seeing her pictures every year and she was kind enough to let me share them with you! Now that her girls are a little older, she said she had no say in what they would be this year. Something tells me they will still be pretty awesome with a mom like Kelly!

Here are some of my favorite themes for kids (and storm troopers) of all ages.

....Grease is the Word....

...There's No Place Like Home....Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!...

....May the Force be With You...

Here are a few more of Kelly's awesome costumes....The Cutest Little Old Lady I Ever Did See, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Scuba Sisters. Are these not the greatest costumes you have ever seen???

Happy Halloween!

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