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Get Dressed, but Make It Comfy

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We are on day 10 of quarantine over here and staying in pajamas all day has officially lost its appeal. I've noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and productivity on the [handful of] days I have actually gotten dressed so I'll be adding that to my morning routine. I think the same goes for the kids. I'd be lying if I said they haven't gone to bed in the same pajamas, but we will definitely be making more of an effort to get up, get dressed and get our days started.

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I have rounded up some of my favorite comfy pieces that are all currently on sale for under $50. Some of these I own and some are in cart (can't beat 40% off at J.Crew! ) so I'll definitely be doing a little online shopping today. Love me some retail therapy!

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