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DIY Seasonal Succulent Centerpiece

Try and say that three times fast! When we replaced our old rectangular dining room table with a round one I struggled to find a centerpiece that felt wide enough for the space, but short enough that it didn't interfere with our chandelier. A few Home Goods/Target/Pottery Barn trips later, I decided to take the matter into my own hands with a DIY project. I am happy to report I am very pleased with the result and the versatility of the piece which will take me me from season to season

1. Find a large vessel that will hold all of your "stuff".

I opted for a serving bowl that I spotted at Home Goods. The "made in Italy" sticker that caught my eye - felt authentic! I brought it home to make sure the dimensions were correct.

2. Pick a base for your centerpiece.

I knew I wanted something neutral so I chose Spanish Moss. You can't tell from the picture but I filled the bottom of the bowl with some cloth napkins so I could limit the amount of moss I needed to use to fill the bowl since it was pretty deep. You can really use anything as your base - burlap, straw, or even a styrofoam block if you planned to do a floral arrangement.

3. Choose some objects to feature.

After deciding that the bowl was too big to fill with just one type of item, I headed to Michael's and selected various greenery. I chose eucalyptus, succulents, fake cabbage and some other things I don't know the names of (pictures below). To add some dimension and I picked up these Recycled Glass Balls from Pottery Barn.

4. Switch up the seasonal decor, using the holidays/weather as you guide.

Since I put this together in October I started with a faux pumpkins and opted for a few different colors and sizes. I plan to leave these through Thanksgiving and will then replace with ornaments for Christmas, some faux snowflakes in the New Year, some eggs around Easter, flowers in the spring, lemons in the get the idea.

Pedestal table - Restoration Hardware Outlet (similar here)

Chandelier - Pottery Barn

Jute Rug - Pottery Barn

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