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An Honest Mom's Guide to Baby Care Products after Age 2

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash. All opinions are 100% mine.

We just celebrated a huge birthday for Maclan. He turned 2 or "dooooo" if you ask him, in October. To me as a mom, the age of two, means he is truly a toddler. Gone are the days of pampering him with baby products and welcome to the reality of using whatever we have on hand for his sister and praying I have a diaper and some wipes in my bag as I run out the door LOL. There is no shame in squeezing your child into a diaper thats a few sizes to small because that's all your friend has and you're in a pickle. Who can relate?

You may lose sleep and patience after a second child arrives, but you definitely gain some wisdom around what works and what doesn't. One thing we have been so fortunate to never have to really worry about with Mac is diaper rash. If you look in the baskets on Mac's changing table, Triple Paste is the only product you will find (aside from diapers and wipes HOPEFULLY) and it has been there since he was born. We wasted our time and money on a few different products when Madeleine was an infant trying to find something that would work and when we finally reached for Triple Paste it worked the first time.

As I type type this, we are waiting on four of Mac's second molars to come in and he's recently had some diapers that tell me they are imminent. The minute I notice some redness I reach for the Triple Paste and any irritation is almost entirely gone by his next diaper change. I still use it on Madeleine when I notice her tush is a little sore. Can we agree that wiping for #2 should be a pre-school class haha?!

Convenience is key with little kids and fortunately Triple Paste ointment is available at several retail stores, including: Target, Walmart, buybuy BABY, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and other fine retailers.

GIVEAWAY: Triple Paste is giving a $150 e-Gift Card from and a Baby Gift Basket to 5 lucky winners! Enter here.

Here are a few of my other favorite products that I still use every day in caring for our kids:

Kirkland Wipes - I have used the Costco wipes for almost 4 years now and I am pretty sure I will continue to order them even when Mac is out of diapers. They are super gentle, strong and not too wet or dry. Outside of diaper changes they are perfect for cleaning up messes. Your house will never look the same once your two year old discovers markers but at lease you can clean their hands (and faces) quickly with these!

Cortisone Cream - While this needs to be used sparingly, i always have it on hand for Mac. He suffers from mild eczema around his feet so i apply a thin coat when his patches flare up. It is also useful for other irritations like bug bites. You can get an over the counter version but obviously consult your doctor first.

Lemon Essential Oil - I know this one sounds odd but I have bottles stocked around my house and reach for it constantly! Lemon oil acts as a natural "goo-gone" and will help remove everything from a stubborn temporary tattoo (a favorite of toddlers) to crayon on my white cabinets (basically a 2 year old past time). My four year old even likes a drop in her water for a naturally flavored drink!

Kidscents Bath Gel/Shampoo - I love these products because they are clean and keep my kids clean! They smell nice and are gentle enough for their sensitive skin and the daily baths/showers they require these days! @[56912813865]








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